Michigan planrooms should begin to see an influx of restoration and improvement jobs.

As the state pushes further into new technologies to help, restart the economy more companies will be taking advantage of empty buildings. This will be great for the communities these buildings are in both from a jobs standpoint as well as from an acetic angle.

This rehabilitation of old buildings will present some interesting issues for estimators, particularly estimating the plans to be accurate against the actual building.

This is where PlanSwift’s ability to work with original plans and do overlays will be extremely helpful. Because a contractor can now PlanSwift 9 page overlayaccess the original plans to see, the lay of the building then overlay the new plans they will be able to see where issues or extra efforts will be needed.

Helping make the contractor an invaluable part of the team.

The overlay feature of PlanSwift is a great asset to those who use it. Unlike light tables, which required the use of plans of the same scale, or a great ability to guess, PlanSwift can resize the digital images so they are of the same scale and accurately overlaid.

This is just one more great feature PlanSwift 9 offers its users, download it today to see all the other great benefits it has to offer.