Michigan planrooms should begin to see an influx of restoration and improvement jobs.

A further push by local governments into alternative and green energies, along with biotech will create the need to re-build some building at to add some new buildings.

This will offer a great opportunity to those builders who have adjusted to working in the new construction economy.

Now builders need to be able to estimate more jobs in less time than before. There are more builders now completing for the same work, plus the number of jobs that do not reach completion is growing, this has meant the need to estimating more jobs to get the same amount of work.

Builders are also finding they now need to use material prices that are updated often. Material prices are changing rapidly in this economy, and that means the price estimated for materials need to be the current price when an estimate is submitted. Prices can now change radically from week to week, even day to day, if an estimate is not up to date is can cause the company to lose out on business.

These are some of the main reasons why leading builders are converting to using takeoff and estimating software at a record pace. They have found they have to in order to keep pace and simply maintain the amount of business they currently have.

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