By using mechanical estimating software programs companies have found they can save time and money when they estimate building cost for any size project. With the ability to allow the program to do the math and keep track of numbers time spent estimating can be reduce by more than half, saving companies money in time and labor.

Building companies, over the last couple of years especially, have had to learn to do more work with fewer people. This is possible by giving workers the right tools for a job. No one would ever ask a crew to dig a home foundation by hand and expect it to go quickly. To get that job done fast the crew needs the right tools.

Mechanical HVAC Takeoff & Estimating Software

Mechanical estimating softwareHow much duct work do you need? How long is that run for the A/C supply line? What is the volume of the rooms you’re trying to heat and cool?  PlanSwift, the #1 takeoff and estimating software for the construction industry, is the shortcut to all those answers.

PlanSwift uses the original electronic plans to generate precise materials lists for your estimates. Calculate distances, areas and volume quickly, and use the customizable bill of materials to estimate counts and costs. You can isolate plan areas and create individual counts for ducts, pumps, switches, controls or any other element you specify for just that area. You can size your system using the volume tools and know exactly what materials to bring to the job site.

This same time and quality increase can be had with building cost estimates and construction takeoff and estimating software. Not only will time be saved, up to 90% reduction, but the quality of the estimates will also improve.

To make the most of the time and people you have today, it is important to give them the tools they need to produce quality work in the least amount of time. Download PlanSwift today to get the right tool for estimating…unless you enjoy digging foundations by hand!