Material takeoffs can be done with software in one-tenth the time it takes to do the same work by hand with highlighter and calculator. This is the type of time advantage many construction professionals have been waiting for.

With PlanSwift takeoff and estimating software material lists can be compiled quickly and accurately.

PlanSwift uses assembly based takeoff techniques. Assemblies can be pre-built to include materials, tool, and even labor to complete a task. Then when an area that uses this assembly is needed, it can simply be added and the software will calculate the amount of materials needed.

In this fashion the time and efforts calculating the amount of material needed is only done once, the first time, then can be reused within a project or taken to a new project.

With the ability to complete a takeoff in a fraction of the time contractors free themselves to do other tasks. They can take the free time and enjoy their life, finish other takeoffs, or get other work done.

You can use PlanSwift software for 14 Days FREE to do material takeoffs to see how great of a tool it is.

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