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14 days free access to PlanSwift construction estimating software.

I’m not going to try to sell you on this because it’s really a no-brainer.

As you know, Massachusetts has a very short building season.  It comes up fast and before you know it winter has settled back in.  This makes for a very busy work season.  You know you need to make most of your money in just a couple of short months.

This is where PlanSwift software becomes important.  From the time you head to a Kansas plan room to the time you start working on a project is all lost time.  Time you don’t get money for but that has to be done.  So why not lose as little time as possible?  PlanSwift software allows you to download plans from any Massachusetts planroom and calculate estimates and takeoffs in minutes.

Simple point and click system allows you to get all your information fast.  The software does all the hard calculating.  You only need to mark the area.

Imagine how nice it will be to finish estimates in 10% of the time.  You will be able to get on with the rest of your life earlier than ever before.

For taking action right now you will also receive:

  • Personalized 1-on-1 training with one of PlanSwift’s trainers. Not some canned training video that leads to a sales pitch, but honest training so PlanSwift will do what you want it to do.
  • Full support from the technical team. For 14 days you will be treated just like the people who have already invested in the software. You will be given access to the technical team to answer any questions you have. They’ll will give you access to the crack team in Salt Lake City, UT, the folks that help write the program to make sure all your questions are answered. You can even ask them to add some special features just for you!
  • Instant access right now. Even if it’s 2am, you can get started with this amazing program.
  • The ability to invest in the best estimating and takeoff software on the market for 1/3 the price others our asking for equal programs.
  • Plus more…

“I highly recommend this product to everyone who has a computer. We love it!”
-Southern Flooring / Reed

“PlanSwift has changed my life as an estimator.
-Universal Roofing & Contracting Services / Michael Fitzpatrick

“Working with the PlanSwift Software, along with the PlanSwift team has been a positive experience
-84 Lumber / Steve Gorman

“Our company…is looking for ways to increase productivity and decrease expenses. PlanSwift…will help us reach that goal.
-MCCar Homes / Paul Schleif

“PlanSwift has been a great asset to our company.”
-Universal Forest Products / Bob C.

“I absolutely love what PlanSwift has to offer
-R & R Acquisition / Cam Mead

“I am absolutely blown away by what PlanSwift has to offer.
-Miller Paving and Construction / Mike Thomas

“Our company, like every New Home Builder today, is looking for ways to increase productivity and decrease expenses. PlanSwift Pro has become the tool that will help us reach that goal. We believe that by using PlanSwift we will literally trim days off of the time it takes us to perform our construction estimates. PlanSwift’s templates allow us to standardize the work of our whole team, and improve our accuracy. All of our estimators immediately saw the advantage that PlanSwift brings…and they all wanted it immediately! Thanks also to the responsive support staff for even the simplest question.”

-MCCar Homes / Paul Schleif