Maryland planrooms continue to have a high number of military construction jobs. In a recent report, it is shown that Fort Detrick itself has added millions of dollars to the local economy, a large part of this coming from construction and building projects.

Anytime you are working on large government projects the amount of paperwork needed begins to skyrocket. Plans and reports begin to multiply and sending them back and forth between people is a problem. This can become especially acute when the files are large.

These large files can take a long time to transmit and when received can slow down the computer on the other end. On top of that, many people now receive email on smart phones that have a real problem with large files.

email jobTo help with this PlanSwift has incorporated a plan and file sending feature that removes most of the issue with sending plans.

First, the program allows you to select what project pages to send or other files. Then the program zips the files for sending and uploads them to a secure location. Sending plans with PlanSwift

Next PlanSwift allows you to enter who you would like to receive the files or you can select from you Outlook contract lists.

The people you select are then sent an email with a link to download your files allowing then to access the plans and files when it is a good time for them. Receipt email

It is this kind of extra support features that make PlanSwift the number one program in the industry.