Louisiana planrooms are beginning to fill back up again as the estimating season is in full swing. This is putting a lot of stress on construction estimators who are finding they need to do a lot more estimates than ever before and needing to get them done sooner.

Many businesses are finding they need to complete more estimates to keep the same amount of work. With more competition and projects failing, companies need to submit more bids and estimates to see if they can get work.

On top of the need to estimate more, most companies are trying to get by with fewer people than before. This means the person estimating is probably wearing more hats than ever before so the need to do even more estimating can be a serious challenge.

This is why PlanSwift is being used by so many people and why more start using it every day. With assembly based takeoffs and powerful formulas this easy to learn program is making it quick and easy to complete estimates.

Many users find they are doing full estimates the first day they have the program and can complete their work in one-tenth the time they were doing it in.

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