Labor estimating is a big part of estimating for construction. In many cases, labor can be large part of any estimate.

To help with this PlanSwift enables you to include labor time and costs as a part of your material assemblies.

Adding labor estimates to material assembliesPlanSwift use an assembly based estimating process so once you have created an assembly for a particular process all you need to do is drop the assembly into the area. The takeoff and estimating program will do all the calculations and provide you with the results you want and need.

By including labor estimates in with your materials, you can have a better grasp of hours involved in a total project.

It is easy to determine the amount of time involved in a small project, like building a 10-foot wall or install an electrical fixture.

Individually these numbers are easy to determine and manage, what becomes the problem is when twelve different 10 foot walls need built and 153 fixture need installed. When this happens, the mind has a tendency to make calculation errors.

Sometimes known as the flaw of averages the mind will attempt to average the labor involved, often coming up lower than the true number.

However, with PlanSwift and assembly based estimating including labor the computer can accurately estimate the amount of labor based on a correct labor number from the small number the mind is good at understanding.

In this way, PlanSwift makes labor estimating easy.