Integrating with Kansas planroom is absolutely critical to the success of contractors in today’s tough construction market. Anything less will bring you closer to becoming one of the fatalities in the industry.

This is because in this current environment speed is of the essence. With more companies bidding for the same jobs companies need to be able to bid many jobs and be able to be the first bid in.

Many studies have been done, and they have found one interesting thing. Even though people will disagree there is a strong preference for the first offer received. In the majority of the cases, the first bid received ultimately wins.

The owner will have many different reasons why they picked the bid they did, all logic rational answer. However, if you dig deeper you will find the logic is flawed.

The reason for this first bid preference is still up for debate. It may be as simple as the first bid is what everything else is measured against, and as everything will have something wrong there can always be found something wrong.

Regardless of the reason, or even if it is fair and logical, you need to be the first bid received.

To do this you must be able to complete estimates and bid in rapid time. Doing this by hand is almost impossible. This is why construction takeoff and estimating software is unbelievably important, it reduces the time to complete bid to a level allowing you to complete ten bids in the time it would have taken to do one.

Saves Money

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