Using internet based takeoff technology in your business is a great way to enhance the speed with which you complete construction takeoffs and estimates.

With the power of the internet growing and more applications moving off your computer and into the cloud of the internet you can now do more with the time you have.

A great aspect of internet based construction takeoffs is the ability to work form anywhere you have an internet connect. Now with most computers having built in wireless and most new smart phones able to act as wifi hotspots there are few places you don’t have the internet.

Once connect you can access plans you have stored and complete work regard of your location or your what computer you are using. Now you no longer need to lose valuable work time because you don’t have the plan drawings with you, or don’t have the computer that has the plan files on it.

When you are able to productively use every minute of your day you can get a tremendous amount of work done without feeling stress or overworked.

To see what internet based takeoffs are about in the construction industry download a copy of PlanSwift today to visit