Illinois planrooms have been busy, as usual, over the last couple of weeks as builders get work lined and ready for the coming construction season. However, now it is time to take a break and think about how estimating and takeoff work could have taken a lot less time.

Saving time with PlanSwift and PlanroomsThis time period is often very grinding for construction firms. The need to finish work, holiday celebrations and the pull to be with the family are up against the need to estimate and bid for next year.

Hours can be spent head down or a table with highlighter and calculator in hand estimating projects from paper plans. This is a time consuming task, which can easily fill every spare minute of the day and then some.

This does not account for the need to drive to local planrooms in the wonderful Illinois weather to get plan drawing to use.

But there is another way…

With PlanSwift, construction takeoff and estimating software takeoffs and estimates can take 1/10th the time they do by hand, and you can download plans directly into the program from many top online planrooms. Both of these benefits are major time savers, which is why so many, over 8,000 in fact, other contractors are now using PlanSwift.

By doing takeoffs and estimates right on a computer screen, hundreds of hours can be shaved off work; and at this time of year when there is more to do than hours to do it in, that can be a major victory. With the extra time, contractors can bid on more work around Illinois, or help get projects finished quicker.

There is no need to worry about how long PlanSwift takes to learn, many people find they can start working on live takeoffs and estimates from the very first day.

To see how much time PlanSwift can save you, so next year will be better than this year download a copy today.