Many professional landscapers might not know this but…PlanSwift is a great tool allowing you to do estimates and takeoffs of materials needed and numbers of plantable items.

All of this can be done from original plans and even PDF files, you can even use resources like Google Earth to get quality images to do landscaping estimates.

With this ability, landscapers can estimate when it is convenient for them. They can access plans and drawing on their computer and map out plans, even if it is two in the morning.

PlanSwift has a powerful free hand mode to allow estimation in areas that are irregularly shaped. This along with the powerful count tool, which allows users to easily count the number of specific items and mark them with unique colors and shapes for easy identification.

Landscape estimating software with plantable items marked

When the marking up of the plans is done PlanSwift will quickly produce a report that can contain the number of plantable items, and other materials, including cubic yards as needed. With the addition of a cost markup, these reports can be used as bid estimates for potential customers.