Determine how much paint for a room can be done, and often is by successful professionals, with the use of estimating software programs like PlanSwift.

PlanSwift allows user to quickly and accurately estimate how much paint they will need for a room, what tools and supplies they will needed and how much labor will be involved all from original plans, and done completely on a computer screen.

This has a distinct advantage of money and time savings for the user. Money is saved gas that can very quickly pay for PlanSwift, in fact on less fill up at the gas station can cover the monthly cost of the software.

Time savings is a big reason painters across the country are using PlanSwift. Time is saved on the estimating side because the software program is so easy to use. However, the biggest time savings comes from not needing to travel to the job site to measure, but rather just taking accurate measurements straight from the plans.

This time saving includes the time to:

  • Drive to and from the job.
  • Time lost from a current job because you needed to leave during prime work hours to measure.
  • Time lost needing to clean up to leave a job early.
  • Lost down time waiting to into the site, or not enough time to return and work on the current job.

All of that time can be saved with PlanSwift. Now you don’t need to close down and drive to the new job. You can stay working then do the estimating when you have a spare minute to two, anywhere you have a computer you can do your work.

PlanSwift is saving painters a lot of time, home much it will save you can only be found discovered by trying PlanSwift yourself.

Download a free copy today and see what it can do for you.