With PlanSwift 9, you will be able to know how much lumber to order for any project in far less time and with accurate results.

PlanSwift allows user to complete estimates and takeoffs in minutes for work that had been taking them hours to do instead, some users have found they are able to complete work in one-tenth the time it was taking them to do estimates by hand.

This allows users to calculate how much lumber they will need for a project then get back to doing other tasks quickly.

One of the worst parts of estimating is the need to do this work before even knowing if you will make money from the work. Estimating is simply one of those tasks that must be done so new business can be brought in, but that should not be allowed to take focus off paying work.

By reducing the time spent with estimating projects companies can quickly finish estimating and get back to the work they enjoy the most, building!

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