Ever wondered “How much drywall do I need?” thought you had the answer then found out in the end you had completely bombed the answer.

This means either you spent way too much for drywall and have a bunch left over to hall back to the shop, store, and try to use again. That is before it is destroyed in the shop, swiped by somebody, lost, or just forgotten about behind the other junk you brought back to the shop. Or you have to close up the project drive back to the yard, and buy the couple extra pieces of drywall. Of course, at the extremely high single piece price, not the bulk you had bought at the first time around.

Either way you are out the money.

This is why correct drywall takeoffs are so important to the financial success of any contractor. If you get the amounts wrong it cost money, and the amounts can add up fast. One hundred dollars here and there, and before you know it you went from profit to loss.

This might give you a new insight as to how some contractor can easily justify the cost of PlanSwift software. They understand the cost saving from correct construction takeoffs and estimates pays for the program many times over.

It does not take a lot of missed drywall takeoffs before you could have paid for PlanSwift yourself.