How Much Concrete Needed

The ability to know how much concrete is needed for any project with speed and accuracy can separate success and failure in today’s market.

The ability to take your time when estimate concrete or use rules of thumb are now gone for most professionals looking to succeed in construction.The competition level is now simply to high

The old rules of thumb no longer provide the level of accuracy needed to profitably compete today.Other contractors are taking the time to provide exact estimates, if you are not you risk not getting business.

Time is also against estimators today.With more competition than ever companies are finding they need to do more estimates to have the same amount of work as they did before.In addition, there is a growing preference for the first bid received, meaning early bidders are more likely to win. There has always been a slight preference for the first bidders but this has always been easy to overcome with a quality bid, but now more often the earlier bids are winning.

When you put all this together concrete contractors are finding they need to estimate more jobs and get the estimates done quicker, and determining how much concrete is just one of the many tasks that need to get done.

This is why construction takeoff and estimating software is becoming so popular with all construction trades.Many contractors are finding they can produce results in one-tenth the time it was taking them by hand.This is allowing companies to estimate faster and turn in bids sooner than they ever thought possible.

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