Regardless of the size of the project, you will always know exactly how much concrete do I need with the help of PlanSwift.

PlanSwift in the number 1 takeoff and estimating software in the industry, capable of reduce the time involved with estimates by 90% can also provide accurate takeoffs for concrete, both by bags or by cubic feet. Concrete takeoff and estimating screenshot

The program is that versatile.

All that is needed is a set of plan to start. PlanSwift is able to work with almost all file types including pdf, and cad. PlanSwift can even work direct with your scanner to allow you to import paper plans seamlessly.

Once the plans are loaded into a job, PlanSwift uses assembly based takeoffs and estimating to make life easy. Build the assemblies the way you want ahead of time or on the fly then use them whenever you need. It can be as simple as drag-and-drop to get the amount of materials needed.

PlanSwift can easily handle irregularly shaped areas and curves with no extra effort, so it can handle walkways and driveways amongst other things.

With the help of PlanSwift, you will be able to know exactly how much concrete is needed for any project.