Determining housing construction cost cannot be a process that takes up a large portion of a builder’s time; there are other jobs that need to be completed.

As the housing market has slowed, many builders have found themselves in the position of needing to do more with less. This means the owner now often is the estimator, the builder, the bookkeeper and chief marketing officer.

Time is MoneyThis means that every minute needs to be put to good use. Anytime that is wasted in time that costs in other areas as well.

This is why PlanSwift the #1 takeoff and estimating software is so popular in new home construction. PlanSwift makes it possible to reduce the time it takes to determine costs by up to 90%. This means what would have taken hours now will take only minutes.

Ultimately, PlanSwift enables users to get more done. Now by not spending hours with estimates builders are focus on building, getting paid and finding new business.

All of these tasks are critical to the long term success of any builder, however the key is to spend only as much time as needed on each one.

To see how much time PlanSwift can save you download a free copy today.