As the economy slowly recovers there is an uptrend in the number of people traveling. This uptrend is causing a need for more hotels to be built. However, the owners and investors are being extremely vigilant or their hotel construction cost.

They will be holding contractors to the estimates tighter than ever before. They simply cannot afford to do otherwise. The hotel chains, just like most builders, have been battered hard over the last couple of years.

This has left then in bad spot they do not have extra funds to spend, but they also know they must grow or be left behind.

Therefore, they are willing to do the building but they want the estimates to be accurate and will not, cannot, afford to go over budget.

This means construction companies can expect the hotels to require them to pay for estimate errors much more than normal. In other words, if a contractor makes an estimating mistake it will come out of their pocket.

One way to help assure accurate estimates is to remove the most likely cause of errors.

The most likely cause of estimating errors is surprisingly the estimator themselves. Humans are just not naturally exact with numbers or math. They are able to work with them, but often errors can happen.

However, by moving the math to a computer, which is nothing but a math machine, these errors can be removed.

With the price of a mistake so high, can any contractor afford not to use PlanSwift?