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Many have just found out that they are not getting this huge refund on there taxes for home renovation tax credits.

First thing they are tax credits not rebates there is a difference.

Tax credits are to make people that have money spend money. Tax rebates are for everybody. A good example is lets say you have to pay $12000 in tax this year because of your income level. You need to use up as much as your tax credits as possible. A tax rebate is totally different, it is not geared to how much you spend.

The government was offering Home renovation tax credits this past 2009 year, this is for people with high incomes so they will spend money and create more jobs for the average Joe.

Many people made big mistakes regarding this issue spending every dime they have just to get things fixed and has caused great pain especially for the poor and elderly people needing quality home renovations in there home.

Many Larger companies took advantage of the situation also saying take advantage of your tax rebates. I passed a home renovation supplier today, in fact everyday and every sign they have say’s tax rebates. new windows and doors for your tax rebates it said today.

Unless you owe money to the government you will be really lucky to even see a dime of the money you spent.

On TV tonight I was very surprised to see a elderly couple complaining on the news. hey said they where misinformed that they are credits not rebates. the bottom line is not many people know the difference between the two.

These two older people spent $40,000 dollars on a new roof, garage door, replacement windows and a few other things. They did there taxes and where expecting a huge refund only to find out they have been had. It sounds funny but it is true.

After the news man talk to them they showed some guy from the government I never keep track of these cheats anymore anyway! For the first time I heard them say that these are tax credits in public.

They never said anything about rebates.

They are not going to give you your money back either!

The bottom line is they new people where spending money and when you spend the government makes money. Home renovation tax rebates never heard of it! Just made up! you bet it was. The truth is most home renovation guy’s where telling you your going to get this back and that back just so you would keep spending in a bad time for them as well. The home renovation was at a total stand still before they mentioned these tax credits and they just took advantage of it! Making good contractors look really bad!

As a contractor you should have told people! Shame on you!

Hint! Hint!

I was wondering why my busines slowed down so much it didn’t make any sence. I told people the truth about the tax credits. I never said tax rebates ever! I found other copanies that where saying rebates get more and more work. If you know of any of these people that have been had send them tis article.

In are companies case we are a cristian operated business and maybe telling the truth hurt us this time. but at least I can sleep at night!

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