BuildingOnline eUpdate News: City of Raleigh Provides Free Green Job Training to Construction Professionals:

The City of Raleigh, Office of Sustainability has awarded CleanEdison a $45,000 contract to provide green job training to local construction professionals. The program will provide participants with hands-on energy audit training that will enable them to take part in the fast-growing green building industry.

Hats off to Raleigh for taking some our taxes and helping move the country forward.  I think we will see more cities, states and regions doing more of this.  This is a great way to help out everybody.

As a builder this is a great space to put yourself in.  Doing inspections may not sound like a great place to be but it is.  It gives you the ability to meet with new clients early in the buying needs and to establish yourself as the expert.

To give a great example you can look slightly off the green into old home.  In the town I live in Hudson a large number of the homes are old.  The entire downtown is century homes, and the city has special rules about what can and can’t be done and how, and who has to approve the paperwork.

There is one home inspector in the area who has been doing home inspections for years.  He also is a local builder and remodeler. Most of his business has come from the home inspection he does or from referrals because of his inspections.  Because he is doing inspections and finding problems nobody knew about he has become the expert.

Being the expert leads to lots of work.

Now is the time to do this with Green building.  Take a couple of minutes and think about how you can build upon the transition to green.  Can you start an inspection service, or partner with one.  Pick a size, large buildings will need help just as much as homeowners.

Take the time and go.