Looking for free construction estimating software? I have some good news and some bad news.

To get it out of the way I’ll start with the bad news:

Free software is often more of a cost than it is worth, often coming loaded with ads or worse spyware and viruses. Quality construction software is not simple to create so why would anyone give it away free unless they had other motives.

Many times these free software programs don’t even work or provide wrong answers causing you to need to do all the work you tried to avoid simply to make sure your answers are right. Because these programs are not usually user friendly you can spend a lot of time learning them, inputting numbers only to have it not work.

Enough bad news-Time for the Good News

There is one construction estimating software program you can get today for free that is high quality and well built. In fact, it is the number on construction takeoff and estimating software in the industry.

So why is it free?

Because the makers of PlanSwift understand the only way to truly see the advantages of construction estimating software is to use it. They can spend all day talking until they are blue in the face and people still would not understand why they need the program. However, let them use it, see how it can reduce the time to complete estimates to 1/10th what it was taking, see how accurate the results are, and how powerful the assembly based process is and PlanSwift knows you will understand why over 8,000 companies are already using it.

So to get PlanSwift in the hands of as many people who will benefit from it as possible they are letting anyone use its construction estimating software free for 14 days. Do real estimating with it and see how it will help you.

Do download PlanSwift your free construction estimating software program click here.