Construction cost software that will be free once you start using it, and may even pay you.

Let me explain.

Your time is worth a lot of money. Have you ever taken the time to think about what each hour you work is worth, or better yet have you ever calculated exactly what your time is worth? To see all the details of how you can see the previous post.

However, here is the basic break down for you:Time is Money

Planed Yearly Income Hourly Income to Make Goal
$40,000 $44
$50,000 $55
$60,000 $66
$70,000 $77
$80,000 $88

As you can see, your time is worth a lot of money. To make a simple $60,000 a year you need to make $66.00 every hour you are working. Anything less and you are shorting yourself, either of income for the year or the ability to be done on time.

free cost estimating softwareAnother way to look at these numbers is to see that every hour you save yourself is money in your pocket. If you are able to complete a job one hour earlier, you can “pocket” $80.00 because you were able to move on to something else.

“PlanSwift is much faster than one of the free software programs I downloaded previously. It is far easier to use. I learned the basics in the first couple of weeks just playing around with the software. It automatically puts on the square footage when I am estimating an area. Everything reads great! I had troubles with other companies when I tried converting from PDF to TIF. PlanSwift has made this a very easy and effective process for me. Customer service has been exceptional. No complaints!”-Superior / Lori Palmer

So how much time would you need to save in a year to pay for PlanSwift’s software?

Not much…ten maybe fifteen hours is all you would need to save in a year to get PlanSwift free. Any timesavings beyond that and the program is paying you to use it.

Considering PlanSwift can cut the time to do takeoffs and estimates down to only 10% of the time it takes to do them by hand, you should be able to be saving money and have free construction cost estimating software in no time flat.