PlanSwift Software Feels Like A “Browser For Blueprint Images” with Powerful Capabilities and yours free

PlanSwift is the right tool to efficiently and quickly calculate costs and potential profits for contractor. PlanSwift is the #1 takeoff and estimating software for the construction industry.

blueprint takeoff softwareTime and materials are prime metrics for most jobs. With PlanSwift you eliminate manual plan takeoffs and drastically reduce the chance of miscalculating materials or missing items. You can download electronic plans right from the plan room or import plans using industry standard formats. It’s time to put away those rulers and highlighters automate your estimating.

With PlanSwift you view, measure and markup plans right on your computer. With a minimum of training you can use PlanSwift to calculate anything from drywall materials to gallons of paint required. You quickly measure square footage, perimeters and volumes of simple or complex areas. Plus you save precious time by eliminating repetitive work throughout the job cycle.

PlanSwift is backed by a staff of seasoned estimators who can quickly show you how this advanced application works with your planning process. PlanSwift imports all popular digital plan formats from scanned images to AutoCAD files, and outputs your estimates directly to Excel or your estimating application.

If you do your estimating by hand, you’ll do it in half the time with PlanSwift.
A better bottom line begins with PlanSwift.
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