Coming up with accurate foundation construction cost in the shortest time possible is the goal of using takeoff and estimating software like PlanSwift.

It is not enough to come up with accurate cost estimates if it takes so long other tasks have to be drop. This is no good because estimating should not be damaging the other problems. Accuracy is important but if you cannot do anything else because it is taking too much time you are a lost cause.

So estimating needs to take as little time as possible so you are free to do other activities that make you money.

However, accuracy is still very important. Estimates that are not accurate can cost you big buck. Either is the way of lost jobs or costs you have to eat. Neither way being good.

It is this contradiction, the need to be both fast and accurate, that has caused so many contractors to convert to PlanSwift software. These contractors have found through the 14-day free trial offer that by using high quality estimating software they can reduce the time it take to do estimates and maintain, if not increase, the accuracy of their work.