Florida planrooms have become a slow. With construction in the state slowing to a crawl and little new work, these offices have become a more of a meeting place than a quick stop to grab plans and go.

Adding to the slowdown is the 300,000 construction workers who are out of work at last count. Many of these skilled workers have started building companies themselves, adding to the number of people chasing the projects out there.

When all put together this is forcing construction firms in Florida to search beyond their normal areas for jobs. This can mean one of two things. Either drive long distances to planrooms in other parts of the state or access plans from digital planrooms.

By using digital planrooms, contractors can extend the area where they bid for work to a much larger area without the need to drive the extra distances.

The one big problem with this issue that now contractors will need to estimate a lot more jobs in the same amount of time as before. That is why using a construction takeoff and estimating program can be a major help.

These programs, like PlanSwift, allow estimators to cut the time it takes to complete an estimate.

When used in conjunction with online planrooms this combination will allow builders to look for work further afield in Florida than normal.