PlanSwift in its never ending effort to provide the best customer service has produced a large number of films to allow swift answering of any question contractors may have.

These films can be found in several different places.

  • On SwiftTube at the PlanSwift website. Here you will find a complete inventory or PlanSwift films organized by the level of complexity and plugin. Click here to go to SwiftTube.
  • The PlanSwift Knowledge Base contains both films and articles covering every subject about PlanSwift. As questions come in videos and articles are created to answer the question then posted to the Knowledge Base. Films here can be found under the program or as a part of a resource. Click here to go to the PlanSwift Knowledge Base.
  • SwiftTube filmsFrom inside PlanSwift films can be accessed to show you how to do a task. With this ability, you can access a film right when and where you need it to help show you how to get your work done. All you need is a current copy of PlanSwift and an internet connection. The films can be found under the ‘Help’ tab.
  • You can order a CD with all the current video as an offline resource if you find you could use the videos and do not regularly have access to the internet. Click here to order your copy of the PlanSwift SwiftTube films.

These films are designed to swiftly show you how to complete a task and allow you to get back to your work. By combining multiple videos, you can learn the complete working of any part of PlanSwift.