Estimating fences especially over a large area can be aided by using software. Because PlanSwift software can work with original plans you can calculate lengths very accurately without the need to measure at the job site.

It is this ability to estimate from plans that can save contractors hours of effort.

“We are very happy with PlanSwift. We originally bought the program to be able to convert our PDF files into the software. Now, however, we realize there is so much more to it than just that. PlanSwift has helped increase our efficiency on the larger takeoffs we do, which has saved us mass amounts of time. The techs are always there when we need them, never fail. So far, so good. Very happy!”-Component Structures / Rob Meyers

Once the lengths of fencing are determined coming up with an estimate is easy. Fencing materials, and even labor can be pre-assembled into assemblies, which are then added to the fencing segments. This allows for different fence heights, styles and materials to all be set up ahead of time then used when needed, saving time and effort.

Then with customizable reports, PlanSwift software allows you to create fence estimates that include materials, labor, and even your markup as needed.

“I use PlanSwift quite often and so far everything is going great. My company specialized in estimating parking lots and this software has saved us a ton of time. By simply pressing the ‘A’ key on the keyboard, we are able to get the exact estimates for rounded areas in the lots. This alone has saved us a lot of money. Customer service does a great job helping us get things restored. We absolutely love this software. Thanks PlanSwift!”-LS Jensen Construction and Ready Mix / Jared Lockyer

All of this saves time, plus the ability to work when it is convenient. No need to stop working during prime working hours to visit a property and start the estimating process. Now all that is needed is to simply download the plans and work on them when the time is best.