Excavating estimating is a job of large numbers perfect for software. It is tons of dirt, truckloads of fill, all very large numbers that can be easy to make errors with. This is why PlanSwift is so helpful to many contractors.

Many contractors do not think of PlanSwift when they think of earthwork estimating software. This is because PlanSwift has a reputation as a construction software program. However, the same great ideas formulas and assembly based estimating work with all type of projects.

“The updates are easy, estimating is easy, and inputting information is easy. PlanSwift is great!”-Quatro Investment LLC / Ann

The other little known aspect of PlanSwift is the plugins offered for the program. These are small sub-programs that operate within PlanSwift to allow for great utility and customization. Now with PlanSwift 9 being released along with the developers network there will be even more options.

“We have been reviewing digital display and takeoff software for several years. In our most recent review, PlanSwift instantly stood out as the best product on the market for its features, ease of use, and learning curve. We use PlanSwift for primarily for takeoff, but it has also proven useful for training and on-line collaboration. It is very important to us that estimating tools allow for extensive editing and organizational activities. PlanSwift has filled those requirements with flying colors. We are able to create takeoffs and reports that are ready for input into our company’s electrical database with no further revisions. Please accept our thanks for making paperless construction estimating practical for our company.”-Carr Consulting Services / Stephen F. Carr

One current great plugins is the cut and fill plug. This allows PlanSwift users to use the program even better than before for estimating excavating work.

With PlanSwift’s ability to use original plans or plans of about any file type contractors can save loads of time. Plans can be download into a job in minutes then used for estimating work.

You can download PlanSwift for a 14-day free trial to get a better understanding of these amazing features.