Excavating estimating software is allowing some contractors to make big profits easily.

Estimating excavating projects can be a very challenging. Determining the amount of cut and fill needed and how much new dirt will be needed, plus estimating the amount of labor and equipment involved all take a lot of time and skill.

Doing this by hand, even with good plans, can take massive amounts of time, and still require a certain amount of skilled “guess-timating”. This type of estimating can lead to bids that are too high costing you the work, or cause you to bid too low and end up eating some of your profits.

One silver lining to this process is that almost everybody in the industry is doing the exact same thing. This means everybody is subject to the same errors and bidding issue.

Expect for a few how are quietly running away with all the money.

This quiet few are the ones how have adopted the use of estimating software in their business. They do it quietly out of respect for the old timers, and to keep the ridicule levels down. However, these adopters are finding Excavating estimating software is a great tool that saves them time, money, and allows them to put together accurate winning bids repeatedly.

Because these programs can handle complex math instantly they reduce the time it takes to complete estimates. In addition, Excavating programs, for the most part, allow you to prebuilt work lists that include materials, labor, and equipment, all assembled for you. Then all you need to do is drop in the area of work and the program will kick out all the numbers for you.

Excavating estimating programs can save money by allowing contractors to put together accurate bids and because of the timesavings. Making accurate bids is paramount to success in any project. When you bid too low you may get the work but then run the risk of losing money and needing to pay for the right to work. When a bid it too high there is a good possibility you will be tossed out of the competition without further hope of being involved.

It is the sweet spot between the two that allows contractors to get the job and make the most money at the same time. This sweet spot comes from accurate bids, and the most consistent way to get high accuracy in bid is by using estimating programs.

This is what the few quite contractors know who are running away with great profits repeatedly. By using the right tools to help them estimate Excavating projects they are able to bid accurately and save time allowing them to bid on more jobs. Add these two up and you have a smart contractor who is slowly running away with all the good work.