Excavating estimating is a job of large numbers. It is tons of dirt, truckloads of fill, all very large numbers that can be easy to make errors with. This is why PlanSwift is so helpful to many contractors.

Many contractors do not think of PlanSwift when they think of earthwork estimating software. This is because PlanSwift has a reputation as a construction software program. However, the same great ideas formulas and assembly based estimating work with all type of projects.

The other little known aspect of PlanSwift is the plugins offered for the program. These are small sub-programs that operate within PlanSwift to allow for great utility and customization. Now with PlanSwift 9 being released along with the developers network there will be even more options.

“I love what this product has done for me so far, and am a very happy customer of Planswift. I am able to do more bidding because of the amount of time I have saved. Planswift has really been a Godsend for me and my employees, who all love the software. Some of us do not have strong computer backgrounds, but because it is so easy to use, no one is bothered. We are excited to see what Planswift will bring in the future.”-Zamgen Inc. / Matt Graham

One current great plugins is the cut and fill plug. This allows PlanSwift users to use the program even better than before for estimating excavating work.

With PlanSwift’s ability to use original plans or plans of about any file type contractors can save loads of time. Plans can be download into a job in minutes then used for estimating work.

You can download PlanSwift for a 14-day free trial to get a better understanding of these amazing features.