Estimating variance requirements can be a slow and time consuming process. Just the words themselves have a level of pain and effort associated with them. No matter how un-fun this task sounds and often is it is a requirement for many estimators to put forth the effort and get it done.

“No grievances, makes estimating much easier, it’s very user friendly”-T & W Spic and Span Cleaning Services / Natasha

One way to greatly reduce the time and effort involved is to use professional takeoff and estimating software. These programs can take most of the work out of the process.

“PlanSwift is an accurate and efficient means for taking off and estimating in today’s market. You are able to use several downloads and formats from web based sites to input into PlanSwift to create estimates. I have used this program side by side with several different softwares and compared it to the digitized information as contractors usually use and have found that the margin of accuracy was at most 2% difference from alternate methods. In today’s market every quantity counts and your accuracy is the biggest ally you have when pricing these jobs. I would strongly recommend PlanSwift to anyone in the construction or estimating market, and have.”-Dubose Construction Company LLC / Nathan Edwards

By allowing the computer to do most, if not all, of the math involved in estimating a variance the challenging part of the process is removed. The computer can do the calculations at high speed and great accuracy freeing the estimator to go about other tasks.

“I’ve been in the Design-Build industry for more than 20 years and used a lot of sophisticated estimating programs like W****t, but it is incredible the potential that was unleashed when I started use PlanSwift, first the uncomplicated way to use it and secondly the convenience of customizing it to yours need and finally, the affordable price that you invest in the software. Awesome!”-RAS Construction Corp / Reiner A. Sanchez

With the pain and time of variance work behind estimating can take up less of a place in the life of anyone willing to try for more.