Roofing contractors around the country are finding PlanSwift takeoff software an amazingly powerful tool in estimating roofing costs. With powerful assembly based takeoff technology and easy to learn interface contractors are finding they can get more done, more accurately in the same amount of time as before.

As snow settles in over much of the country roofers in these areas are finding one more great benefit of PlanSwift-the ability to estimate from original plans. Now estimating can be done from the safety of the ground, with no need to climb on roofs, or wait for snow and ice to clear. This is allowing contractors to hand bid to customers when no other company can, increasing business regularly.

Estimating roofing cost with software screenshot

The ability to do takeoffs from all types of plans even PDFs has always been a great part of working with PlanSwift. Because these plans can be accessed from anywhere and estimates done without driving to the job site to measure PlanSwift can pay for itself in gas savings alone. Then add on top the time saving of an employee’s pay saved or an owner’s ability to get more done in a day and PlanSwift becomes a tool saving roofers money.

Just that point alone has caused many roofing companies to start using PlanSwift, but there are many more features that are amazing:

  • Assembly based takeoff that can include materials, tools and labor all in one component that can be added to any area in seconds.
  • Powerful reports and estimates that can include markups, allowing roofers to create bids, estimates and takeoffs in minutes.
  • Roofing pitch tool from PlanSwiftPitch tool allowing roofing professionals to determine pitch and angle instantly.
  • Ability to send plans, images and files regardless of size quickly to any number of people, great for sub work. PlanSwift's send plan feature
  • Top of the line customer support including one-on-one personalize training to start, then videos and a knowledge base for 24 hour a day answers and finally customer support phone, email and chat lines to allow communications with PlanSwift’s team of estimators and developers.
  • Much, much more!

Over 8,000 contractors have already made the change to PlanSwift and now you can too with a 14-day free trial of PlanSwift 9.0 the latest and most powerful version yet.

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