There are a number of ways to estimate how much paint you need for any project. Each ways takes and different amount of time and processes differing levels of accuracy.

estimating how much paint do i needThe most amazing part of the process is the method that is the quickest is also the one that is the most accurate!

This is because the best results are produced when you use the right tools for a job. As everyone knows, using the right tools is the only way to get a job done well and quickly. Yes, you could use a shovel to dig a foundation J but it would take a long time and the quality of the work would be shameful. Instead, you would use the right tool, some mechanical means of digging.

Estimating paint is the same way. By using a mechanical means, a quality construction estimating program, you can not only get the job done faster, but also produce higher quality more accurate results.

Computers are great at math, their entire language is ones and zeros, so they are able to do lumber estimates and takeoffs with great speed and precision. There is never a missed or transposed number to deal with, never a math error.

how much paint of each colorAlmost more amazing is the fact the best software for the job is easy to learn and not expensive to own.

Download a copy now and see!