Estimating home construction costs can be done easily with PlanSwift with the advantage of allowing you to work anywhere you have a computer.

Because PlanSwift is a program that runs on your computer and can access and store plans from many locations you can do your estimating work when you want. No more needing to go back to the office to get home construction plans in order to estimate costs, simply break out your laptop and be on your way.

Estimating is done right on the screen or computer tablet by marking the areas or items you are dealing with.

PlanSwift makes estimating even easier with assembly based takeoffs. Knowing that 95% of all home construction requires the same materials per section, with PlanSwift you can build these materials into assemblies then use the assemblies from one project to the next.

This saves you time and can help increase your accuracy. Both of which are good things when doing any estimating.

To see more on how PlanSwift can help you estimate home construction costs quicker than ever before download a 14-day free trial of PlanSwift 9.0.

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