Estimating gravel for a construction project may sound like a lowly task but should not be thought of in such a way. Gravel, because of its use as a base material, can hold up the entire project is not enough is brought in to begin with, and is difficult to get rid of if too much is left over.

To complicate the matter further, gravel depths need to vary from area to area and can easily be laid in curved sections. All of this makes estimating the amount of gravel that needs to be ordered challenging.

Gravel estimating arcs and freehand screenshotLuckily, there is PlanSwift takeoff and estimating software to make this a much quicker and easier task. With PlanSwift, all that is needed is to mark the areas on a computer screen then drag-and-drop the gravel material assembly into the area, the program will take care of the rest.

The program makes it easy to draw curved lines with the arc feature. Select the start point of an arc and the midpoint and make an arc of any diameter. Another option is the freehand mode; this mode allows you to draw lines with the cursor of any shape you want. The computer software determines the area and volume instantly.

Some tasks on a construction project are not as glamorous as others but they all need to get done in order for building to happen, estimating gravel is just one part of the process that should not be overlooked in importance.