Estimating and bidding accurately and quickly are two requirements of any construction business. In fact, it is the ability that most directly determines who succeeds and who fails in the industry.

This has never been more apparent as it is now with the current construction crash.

“No grievances, makes estimating much easier, it’s very user friendly”-T & W Spic and Span Cleaning Services / Natasha

Now the business that are surviving, even growing, are those that have taken advantage of recent technologies to allow them to get their work done fast and more accurately than ever before.

“PlanSwift is an accurate and efficient means for taking off and estimating in today’s market. You are able to use several downloads and formats from web based sites to input into PlanSwift to create estimates. I have used this program side by side with several different softwares and compared it to the digitized information as contractors usually use and have found that the margin of accuracy was at most 2% difference from alternate methods. In today’s market every quantity counts and your accuracy is the biggest ally you have when pricing these jobs. I would strongly recommend PlanSwift to anyone in the construction or estimating market, and have.”-Dubose Construction Company LLC / Nathan Edwards

When compared to how they did the estimating and bidding before many are seeing a time savings on 90%. This is allowing companies to get by with fewer people on the payroll and the associated saving.

The adoption of estimating software has also allowed these companies to complete their work and bidding processes that much earlier than ever before. This has allowed them to spend more time focused on building the business.

“PlanSwift is one of the most versatile and user friendly estimating programs we have used to date. PlanSwift not only works well as an estimating software, but as a tool to help sell more product.”-ProBuild / John Huck

The best part is professional grade estimating software is well within the reach of any company. In fact, it can be had for less than a monthly truck payment. However, unlike the truck, the software will keep paying for itself long after it is paid off.

To experience this for yourself download your copy of PlanSwift!