Estimating and bidding for construction is a high revenue skilled job. One small mistake at an early stage of the process can lead to a dramatic error in the end.

This is why many owners do their own estimating and bidding work, they understand the cost of it being done wrong is just too high to hand off to somebody else. This then becomes one more hat the owner need to take on, taking up more of their valuable time.

However there are great tools available to help reduce the time and effort involved, tools like PlanSwift.

The point of a tool is not to do the everything, but to enhance what is already being done. Bidding and estimating software is no different. It can enhance the efforts the owner is already doing to allow them to make better estimates and bids.

Imagine a carpenter with a hammer.

By using the right hammer, the right tool, he is able to enhance his swings and do a much better job driving a nail then if he was using a rock. The hammer will allow him to finish his work far earlier and with better result than without.

Estimating and bidding gain the same type of enhancement from the use of construction takeoff and estimating software. It saves time and allows owners to do a better job.