The estimated construction costs can be the difference between winning a bid and not. So why would you ever risk such an important set of numbers to anything less than the best? But time and again, we still find people willing to take longer than necessary and with less accuracy just because they do not want to try using estimating software.

It seems a bit strange but it true.

The only reason we can come up with not to start using PlanSwift is that people do not know how great it is. That is why we have the 14-day trial period along with free training to make sure you know how to get PlanSwift to work for you.

By giving you two full weeks to test PlanSwift and see how well it works you will not need to invest in anything until you are sure our program is right for you.

We also understand just having a program does you no good if you spend all your time trying to figure the program out. To that end, you will provide you with personal one on one training AND daily webinars you can attend whenever you want.

Within the first fourteen days, you will see how well PlanSwift will allow you to estimating construction costs in the shortest more accurate method available.