construction plansThe estimated construction costs for any project need to reflect accurate numbers or the project will become a major pull on finance and resources. However, arriving at these accurate cost estimates cannot be allowed to involve too much time.

It is these two competing requirement that is driving more and more firms to adopt construction estimating software.

The demands on estimating have grown rapidly over the last couple of years.

estimating construction costsWith firms expecting a higher degree of accuracy than ever before and the penalties for errors become detrimental. Now estimating must be exact; the room for error that “rules of thumb” introduced can no longer be tolerated. Any errors of estimating too high will cause the work to be awarded elsewhere, and estimating too low results in the firm paying for the error with lost profits.

There is no room for error, estimated construction costs must be determined accurately in today’s building environment.

The only variable is how long it will take to arrive at the required accurate estimate.

Depending on the method used there can be a nine fold difference in the time needed to complete the estimate. Construction estimates can consistently take hours or minutes to complete.

For those construction companies who opt for the greatly reduced time the only option is to use construction estimating and takeoff software that also includes the ability to take costs into consideration.

With construction estimating and takeoff software estimates are done on a computer screen with the program doing most of the time consuming work.

PlanSwift construction takeoff and estimating software

All that is needed from the estimator is to mark the different areas, lengths, and items to be included in the estimate. From there the program will calculate the amount of materials needed, the labor involved, tools needed, and can even add markup to any or all items. Rapidly after a section is marked by the estimator, the estimation numbers will be available, often in less time than it takes to look for the numbers.

This speed comes with the ability to maintain if not increase the accuracy of the estimate. Nothing is sacrificed. Accuracy can increased because the computer removed the possibility of math, and transposing errors. These are two of the leading causes of estimation errors.

Construction takeoff and estimation software allows users to have both the accuracy that is demanded and the speed that is needed.

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