Construction estimate programs come in a wide array of quality, price and capabilities. One of the best ways to find the program that is best is to look at what program is used by the most people just like you.

PlanSwift has over 8,000 users in the construction industry already using its software. You can see what real people have to say about the program here.

That many people can’t be wrong which is why PlanSwift is the number one construction takeoff and estimating software in the industry.

However, the makers of PlanSwift are not content to just have the best software on the market, they insist on continuous improvement so users always have the absolute best tools when they need them. That is why PlanSwift is readying PlanSwift 9.0, with a new look and more powerful features than ever before.

PlanSwift 9 is a new design built around allowing user to customize the program more than ever before. With the help of plugins from the developers network users will be able to have PlanSwift do any task they would want quickly and accurately.

There is no other construction estimate program on the market that can match PlanSwift for the price.

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