An electronic plantable is a great tool for any estimator to reduce clutter, save time and go green.

Electronic plantables allow user to convert paper plans into digital files. Once the plans are converted they can be stored, or sent with the same speed and any digital file. This means plans can be arranged in a useful manner and not scattered around an office, reducing clutter and allowing for greater efficiencies.

By sending, storing and saving plans electronically companies can go green. By using an electronic plantable there is never a need to print plans or pay for shipping.

A downside to electronic plantables is their size. They are designed to be in an office and do take up a large amount of room. This can make them inconvenient for working from home or a job that requires mobility.

This is where software that allows takeoffs on a computer screen can be so valuable, programs like PlanSwift. With these programs, you still have the benefit of electronic plans, less clutter, and no paper costs, but you also have the ability to move about.

With the software loaded onto a portable computer, you can have the benefits of both mobility and a plantable.

To help you best understand the advantages of PlanSwift and electronic on screen plantables we are offering a 14-day free trial along with personalized one-on-one training. We are doing this because we know that once you see the advantages PlanSwift you, like many others, will wonder why you waited so long to start saving yourself time and money.