Many electrical contractors do not realize they can use construction takeoff and estimating software to help them with electrical construction estimating. But the fact is they can and these programs do make life easy on contractors of all trades.

With electrical estimations, one of the best features is the count tools. These tools allow you to mark individual items them add them up when you are. Therefore, you could Electrical construction estimating with the count toolcount all of you florescent lights of a specific type as you work around a plan then when done would have a total number.

This may not sound like much, and is not anything you could not do with a piece of paper and tick marks to count the items.

Where the real beauty of this count tool comes into play is when added with the drag and drop materials list. With these, you are able to place all the materials need for say a florescent light into a material list, then as you count the lights all of these materials are added to a takeoff list automatically.

So in the end after you have counted the number of items you end up with a complete list of electrical construction materials.

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