Estimating electrical construction cost for any project is a task often reserved for the owner of a company or top management. This is because the costs of an estimating error can be extremely damaging to a company.

However, the amount of time most people spend estimating is also a large cost that often in not taken into account.

Electrical construction estimating with the count toolThe time pulls on owners are huge. They are always being pulled in multiple directions and never seem to have enough time to get everything done. Obviously some a better at handling time than other but rarely does an owner feel underworked.

Then to put on top of this already full schedule the need to estimate an electrical project and you have the recipe for disaster.

This is one of the main reasons why you find some of the best and most successful contractors using estimating software programs to help reduce the amount of time involved in doing estimates. By reducing the time involved from hours down to minutes this allows owners and estimator to get more done with the time they have.

If fact with the simplicity of using PlanSwift some owners may be able to delegate some of the estimating process to subordinates. By allowing someone, whose time is less valuable does the initial work on an estimate, then have the owner complete the important areas more time will be freed up. With highlighter and calculator, this just is not an option but PlanSwift makes in easy.

The time spent estimating and the cost of this time needs to included as an expense when looking at projects.