PlanSwift is a great addition to any e plan table you might have. With the ability to run takeoff and estimating software on most PSs you can do work directly on the screen. This can make the work both fast and a lot less of a hassle.

With PlanSwift’s assembly based operations estimating on an electronic plan table is easy.

Once the assemblies are built, as you like with materials, tool and even labor you can add them to any area on a plan just by dragging and dropping the assembly into place. PlanSwift will do all the “heavy lifting” and quickly provide you with the numbers you need.

You only need to build an assembly once then you can move it from project to project. By spending no more time than you would doing the work by hand the first time and setting up the assembly and you will save yourself countless hours from that point forward.

This drag and drop feature is extremely useful with plan tables where accessing a keyboard is not ideal. Assemblies can be put together ahead of time with the keyboard, and then simply used going forward.

PlanSwift makes E Plan Table work easier than ever.

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