As homeowner stay in homes longer, they are spending more money on improving what they already have. A current favorite is the deck construction because the cost is within range of what people will spend and they enjoy what they get.

People are looking to improve their quality to life with these home improvements. The kitchen is often a great place where owners start but the deck or patio is a close second improvement people like.

award winning deckWhen we talk about people adding a deck onto a house to make it more enjoyable we are not talking about a ten by ten deck any more than improving the kitchen is changing the ceiling light. What we are talking about is large complex projects.

Although these decks may not look that complicated to the untrained eye, in reality they are a large projects. Estimating the cost of deck construction can be very time consuming. There are many different materials from cement footers on up that need to be accounted for.

In level of complexity deck estimating is right up there with roofs. There is a lot to do and even a small part missed can add up very rapidly to a large estimating error.

However, if you are using a construction takeoff and estimating software program like PlanSwift Professional you would be able to take on such large estimating jobs in quick simple fashion.