Costs of construction can be done quickly, accurately and easily with PlanSwift professional construction takeoff and estimating software.

With PlanSwift’s assembly based takeoffs and powerful formulas construction companies can easily estimate the costs of construction for any project in minutes instead of the hours it would take otherwise.

“Our company, like every New Home Builder today, is looking for ways to increase productivity and decrease expenses. PlanSwift Pro has become the tool that will help us reach that goal. We believe that by using PlanSwift we will literally trim days off of the time it takes us to perform our construction estimates. PlanSwift’s templates allow us to standardize the work of our whole team, and improve our accuracy. All of our estimators immediately saw the advantage that PlanSwift brings…and they all wanted it immediately! Thanks also to the responsive support staff for even the simplest question.”-MCCar Homes / Paul Schleif

This time saving alone is one of the main reasons so many other construction companies have started using PlanSwift for their takeoff and estimating needs. By reducing the time involved to 1/10 of the time by hand companies have been able to free up time or complete more estimates in the same amount of time.

Either way they win.

In today’s challenging economy the need to complete more estimates than ever before is a given, so the company that can do the work in the least amount of time stands to win the most.

“I have 35 years experience in the construction industry including architectural services and general building construction. After viewing many on-screen takeoff programs available, I have chosen PlanSwift. I found the program to be “truly” user-friendly in ease of operation, and very adaptable for most all estimating and takeoff. I have found it to work well with the electronic plan rooms that are available. I am most amazed by the staff supporting the program. With my first issue it took only “one” phone call and about 50 minutes, the problem was resolved and available for download with “two” follow-up phone calls from the staff only minutes later. As a professional construction estimator operating some of the most complicated programs, I believe PlanSwift to be the best of value in its class and truly worth recommending to anyone who requires the ability to perform an on-screen take-off.”-Toler Insulating / Wes Hurt

However, the finished construction cost estimate still needs to be very accurate. This means rules of thumb or even educated guesses just won’t do anymore. Construction companies are regularly being held to their estimates with any overrun in costs being taken out of the profits.

Over 8,000 other contractors have started using PlanSwift for a reason, because it is powerful, fast, accurate and easy to use. If you don’t want to be left at a disadvantage you can start using PlanSwift today, at no cost.
PlanSwift makes hvac estimating easy.