Construction cost estimation software is become a major advantage for those companies who utilize it well.

With the ability to estimate costs with software in a fraction of the by hand time these companies have been able to reduce work hours, increase productivity and increase profits.

Construction cost estimating software programs, like PlanSwift, allow users to complete estimates and takeoffs in one-tenth the time it was taking them to do by hand. This is time that is then freed up for other activities, work or not.

PlanSwift construction software is also allowing users to get more done. With the time saving alone from the software companies can now complete ten estimates instead of just one, or they can finish one estimate and move onto another project.

By reduce the time it takes to complete work and allowing workers to move on to other tasks companies are finding they can save on employee costs. With the help of PlanSwift construction estimating software companies can now do estimation work then have the same employee do other tasks, greatly reducing the number of employees needed.

Finally, by reducing work hours, increase productivity and reducing employee costs PlanSwift is allowing smart companies to save money and increase profitability.

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