A lot of effort and planning goes into building contracting estimating.

Often a table or set of numbers is utilized to help the contractor estimate the cost of the construction project. These tables in the past had often been set in book form, but lately they are being delivered in a digital format, online or on a cd.Contracting Estimating

Contracting Estimating

“PlanSwift is very easy to use. It is both versatile and accurate. During takeoffs, I am able to easily navigate through the system with little, if any difficulty. With the system updating almost every week, the product gets quicker and quicker to use. The old way of calculating and estimating is a nightmare in comparison to this. Also, I am able to put my templates on a zip drive and take them home with me. I love it. Awesome is the best way I can describe it. Thank you Planswift.”-Hayes Masonry Inc. / Troy Hutchins

It is in this digital format that contract estimation data can be leveraged with takeoff and estimating software to become a powerful tool. With programs that are able to use this data, such as PlanSwift 9, contractors can now synchronize their costs with these databases in real time.

When done on a real time basis this use of data will allow for estimates that contain up-to-date material costs and correspondingly current markups.

“I use PlanSwift quite often and so far everything is going great. My company specialized in estimating parking lots and this software has saved us a ton of time. By simply pressing the ‘A’ key on the keyboard, we are able to get the exact estimates for rounded areas in the lots. This alone has saved us a lot of money. Customer service does a great job helping us get things restored. We absolutely love this software. Thanks PlanSwift!”-LS Jensen Construction and Ready Mix / Jared Lockyer

In today’s environment, the ability to use this current data can be the difference between success and failure.