Construction unit cost calculations can be done best with high quality construction takeoff and estimating software. These programs allow construction firms to estimate quickly and accurately estimate costs.

An added benefit of PlanSwift is how easy and quickly it is to learn. Many new users report being able to do their first takeoff or estimate the same day they download PlanSwift.

Construction unit cost

To make the transition to this amazing software even faster PlanSwift offers free one-on-one training to get you “up to speed” on the program. By the end of your training, you will know how to use the program to get construction cost numbers or to do anything else you would want.

To continue your training or to answer any advanced questions you may have PlanSwift offers many convenient options.

Knowledgebase – That handy searchable resource allows you to find answers to most of your question twenty-four hours a day. Moreover, we keep adding to it all the time, just to make sure it has everything you could need.

Webinars – Four times a week our estimators lead an online web based seminar program around a specific topic. These are designed to be far more in depth than the knowledgebase but will leave you with an expert understand of PlanSwift.

Support Line – During normal business hours, PlanSwift has a staff of experts on the program ready to help you with any question you may have. These professionals can even connect with your computer to show you how something are done or fix a problem, all the while you will see what they are doing and talk to the support staff.

With the current demands of everyone’s time estimating construction cost for next year, PlanSwift knows you don’t have the time to spend hours learning a new tool. That is why we have done everything possible to help you so your time cost will be small.

Using PlanSwift to do construction unit costs is a great way to save time and increase accuracy of your estimates and takeoffs.